The Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP), implemented between 2015 and 2018, aimed to generate and promote a robust evidence base to inform, influence and support a broad range of Somali and international actors to hold government more accountable. Specifically, it worked through organisations with experience in the Somali context to:

  • Identify and initiate longer term development actions, processes or institutions that could shift governance towards the benefit of Somali public interest
  • Develop opportunities and tools for Somali citizens to pursue accountability
  • Identify and empower champions of accountability in Somalia to maintain momentum in accessing accountability beyond the scope of the IAAAP programme
  • Support the government to better manage their accountability responsibilities and to fulfil their obligations towards the Somali public
  • Foster international engagement to facilitate greater accountability in Somalia.

It was managed by Mott MacDonald and funded through UK Aid.


In the News

30 / Aug 2018

Benadir Regional Administration (BRA) is leading by example and introducing an IDP policy.

08 / Aug 2018

TV and radio debate shows developed in response to concerns around collective action and accountability are providing a platform for people...


IAAAP worked through several partners to research, document and implement projects aimed at building evidence on accountability in Somalia and engaging Somali citizens to hold those who represent them to account. All these partners have a strong understanding of the Somali context, including their own networks and partners, and the effects of increased access to information. 


BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action uses the power of media and communication to help reduce poverty and support people in understanding their rights. BBC MA works in partnership with broadcasters, governments, non-governmental organisations and donors to help people make sense of events, engage in dialogue and take action to improve their lives. 

We reach over 200 million people in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe through our debate shows, dramas, radio and television programmes, public service announcements, mobile phone services and face-to-face communication.


KATUNI Consult is a research-orientated consultancy firm established in 2009. It is based in Nairobi (Kenya) and maintains an office in Hargeisa.  It has worked throughout Somalia over the past seven years, working closely with local professional networks to develop knowledge and understanding of the environmental and political complexity. It provides analysis, innovative solutions, and training. KATUNI has the logistical capacity to operate throughout Somalia – and has done so over the past seven years. KATUNI’s Executive Director and Founder, Joakim Gundel, is a well-respected expert in Somali political and security affairs, having previously been a member of the UN Monitoring Group for Somalia and Eritrea.


Tana Copenhagen, established in 2006, is a leading Danish consultancy firm providing advisory and technical services within the fields of governance, stabilisation and private sector development. Tana has worked in 32 stable, post conflict and fragile African countries. In 2016, Tana opened an office in Nairobi, Kenya to facilitate IAAAP projects and other work in Somalia.


TSOL is the leading Somali research company, with a deep-rooted understanding of Somali society. TSOL expertise lies in research, project management, training and strategy through an intensely locally-led approach.

Puntland State University

Puntland State University, established in 1999, has five faculties and works to provide the best attainable, affordable, non-profit world-standard sustainable higher education for all Somalis. PSU aims to provide the young generation with a feasible education programme and development at all levels of education and emerging sciences and technologies. PSU has partnership with several international institutions such as the European Union and the University of Pennsylvania.

The Somali Advocacy Network

The Somali Advocacy Network (SAN), founded in 2013, is based in Somalia and has members in Europe, the USA and other African countries. It seeks to see Somalia as an effective member of the international community. Members, which include intellectuals, business people, women, youth, traditional elders, and those from civil society, have extensive experience in their respective disciplines. SAN aims to bring together these members to work on peace initiatives that will help ensure Somalia builds and retains its vibrant local economy to bring peace and stability in the country and to provide employment opportunities for the disenfranchised youth population in the country.


SORADI is an independent social research and development institute, with the aim of fostering a culture of democracy and sustainable development in Somaliland and in the Horn of Africa Region. SORADI is recognised as a centre of quality research, a hub of scholarly innovation and entrepreneurship, and an agent for the transfer of knowledge and harbinger of the democratic culture in the region. Its mission is to carry out activities that promote the democratisation and socio-economic development of Somaliland and the East – Horn African region.


The Global Peace and Prosperity Initiative (GLOPPI) is an international NGO that strives to eliminate the underlying causes and impact of violent conflict and poor governance, and to reduce the poverty and related climate and environmental changes. In collaboration with others, GLOPPI works to empower those who are poor, marginalised and excluded to lead peaceful and prosperous lives.

Open Government Initiative

The OGI is a government initiative that aims to make Somalia play a leading role in achieving transparency. It works to fight corruption within the Somali context through modernising how information is shared. This work will lead to a collaborative, inclusive and accountable government – critical for sustainable development and increased democratisation.



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