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Pathways to accountability for women and marginalised groups in the Somali context: The role of non-state actors


The Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP) has generated a unique body of data on the underlying political economy of accountability issues in Somalia.  Some of this work offers insights into the nexus between accountability, gender inequality and social inclusion in the Somali context. This paper, drawing on the work of IAAAP partners, explores the role of non-state actors in fostering greater socially-inclusive approaches to accountability.

Key findings:

  • Non-state actors play a critical, but complex, role in supporting pro-accountability agendas.
  • Gains in more inclusive accountability are feasible but are often met with resistance.
  • Careful risk analysis and gender and social inclusion (GESI)-aware political economy analysis is essential. 
  • A nuanced understanding of diversity and difference is required to recognise a range of different needs and approaches.
  • Ongoing and flexible donor investment allows partners to explore pathways that can sustain gains in accountability over the longer-term.

Access the full, final report and the two-pager.

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