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Enhancing accountability in Somalia through adaptive programming: IAAAP theory of change


Over the past three years, the Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP), has worked to strengthen the accountability of Somali institutions through interventions led by Somali-based organisations. Using the programme theory of change as a guide, this summary report highlights a range of successes, challenges and and research findings that provide evidence for the hypotheses presented in the
theory of change. It also suggests lessons which can be learned for future adaptive programming in contexts of fragility such as Somalia.

Key findings:

  • Initiatives that can adapt to changing circumstances appear to be particularly appropriate to environments characterised by uncertainty and rapid changes, such as Somalia.
  • Detailed and continuinous analysis underpins the extent to which adaptation can achieve results.
  • Careful consideration of potential partners and allies is critical to adaptive programming of this nature.
  • Without longer-term engagement, and in the absence of simultaneoous adaptive programming focused on other sectors and different actors, strengthening the enabling environment for accountability is limited, as is the sustainability of specific interventions.

The summary report is available here.

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